Sunday, January 31, 2010

Why I Shoot Boudoir...

Those of you who know me personally might be thinking "Why in the world is Sarah photographing half naked women?" among other things ;) I love the Peek-a-Boo side of my business. In an effort to explain why I'm drawn to this type of photography, let's begin with what Boudoir is, and also what it is not:

[boo-dwahr, -dwawr]
a woman's bedroom or private sitting room.

In Photography:(Wikipedia)
A great deal of "boudoir" is now created in the photographer's studio, where it has become very fashionable to create a set of sensual images for ladies of all ages, shapes, and sizes in the "boudoir style". This often takes the shape of partly clothed images or images in lingerie, and has become more than just a passing fad for brides to surprise their future husbands. Although in the past there were many negative connotations associated with boudoir photography, in recent years the trend has begun to gain momentum, and the entire look of boudoir photography has begun to change.

What Boudoir is not:
Distasteful or pornographic.

"Peek-a-Boo" by New Beginnings Photography

My goal is to make every woman feel gorgeous. Too often, we see images like this in a magazine or on tv:


These images reinforce the notion that as women, we have to be a size 2, 5'11" blond bombshell in order to be beautiful. That, ladies, is just not true. I fully believe every woman is beautiful no matter her age, size, hair color, etc. and feel blessed that I am able to pick up a camera and show average women what they don't acknowledge when they look in the mirror every day.

I have always loved fashion mags and watching Bravo's Project Runway. In High School, my dream was to photograph super thin, stylish models for the cover of Elle and W. I have discovered that it is much more rewarding to show a woman who doesn't know the extent of her beauty how gorgeous she is than to take pictures of girls who make a living off of how beautiful they are.

These sessions are geared toward women who are either in committed relationships to share with their significant others or who want gorgeous photos to boost their self confidence and show their kiddos 30 years down the road (see Freddie, Mommy was a hottie!)

If you have questions or reservations about this style of photography, please pick up the phone or shoot me an email. I would love to give you a tour of my studio and get to know you a little better! (217-679-2757 or

Thanks to Victoria's Semi Annual Sale, We've added a few A-dorable pieces to the wardrobe (and check out the new chair- the pink stripes totally remind me of VS!):

After hours of sewing, My fabulous mother created this A-mazing curtain to separate the consultation area from the changing room:


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Rachel Chatham said...

Oh my gosh. I loved reading this post. Talk about telling it like it is, Sar. Boudoir photography, especially yours, IS fabulous, and your mission with Peek-a-Boo is meaningful and empowering for every woman. Adorable additions to the wardrobe, and the curtain looks FANTASTIC! What a fabulous mother we have. Why is my family so amazing?! I'm just so proud of you and your dedication to making your studio and photography beautiful and successful.